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CSWrapper_/ char16_t problem

Jorge Bustinza's picture

Hi everyone,

About CSWrapper_7.2.0

Compiling OCCCSharp.sln with VS2015 (even with 2017) (using cswrapper_7.2.0)  several errors like this (20) :

occcsharp_wrap.obj : error LNK2019: símbolo externo "public: __cdecl TCollection_ExtendedString::TCollection_ExtendedString(char16_t)" (??0TCollection_ExtendedString@@QEAA@_S@Z) sin resolver al que se hace referencia en la función CSharp_new_TCollection_ExtendedString__SWIG_3

It's related to the changes between Standard_ExtCharacter and  char16_t 

Does anyone know how to resolve it?

Thanks. Jorge

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

It looks like you like an issue, when using OCCT and application built by different versions of Visual Studio (e.g. VS2013 or earlier).
Up-to-date C# Wrapper provided by OCC should work correctly when used with appropriate OCCT release and VS build.