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Could export Vertex and Edges to IGES file format

Game Milky's picture

Dear All,

I want to export Vertex and Edges to IGES file format!

I tried the following way, what i normally use for faces.

I have an array of edges:

TopoDS_Edge Edges;

Handle(Geom_Curve) curve = BRep_Tool::Curve(edge, first, last);

//Writing Iges f

IGESControl_Writer face("MM", 1);
if (!Interface_Static::SetIVal("write.precision.mode",-1))

//face.AddShape(Edges); // to add OCC shapes
face.AddGeom(curve); // to add curve and surfaces
//adds shape to IGES model
Standard_Boolean OKface = face.Write("Edges.igs");

Have no error message but the output Edges.igs is empty! Only Global section is there!

Any help!