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Configure before build

Satchitanand Kashyap's picture


I did not follow the README.txt in using these flags in ./configure, I dont have TCl/TK installed, How do I use the flags listed in README.txt file. I dont have /bin in the ros directory. the bin in directory in $CASROOT/ros/win32/bin is empty. How do I use these flags to ./configure

The flags listed in README.txt are these

flags="--with-gl-include=/usr/include --with-gl-library=/usr/lib"
16 flags="$flags --with-xmu-include=/usr/X11R6/include/X11"
17 flags="$flags --with-xmu-library=/usr/X11R6/lib"
18 flags="$flags --with-tcl=${TCLHOME}/lib"
19 flags="$flags --with-tk=${TCLHOME}/lib "
20 flags="$flags --disable-debug --enable-production"
21 where:
22 --enable-debug=yes/no - building in debug mode (yes: set -g key of compiler).
23 --enable-production=yes/no - building in optimize mode  (yes: set -O key of compiler).
25 Additional flags
27 --enable-wrappers=yes/no - to build or not jcas
28 --enable-wok=yes/no - to build or not WOK
29 --enable-draw=yes/no - to build or not DRAW

Thanks for your help.


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