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compilation on VC++

Anonymous's picture

I want to compile each package on NT using VC++ 6. How can I compile a package on VC++ environment with all the required options ?

Thank you.

Koo, Seung-bum

Sylvain GIBIER's picture

I'll send you by email an example of Visual project to rebuild the kernel of Open CAS.CADE. Good start to recompile the full framework.

Have fun.

Mikael Aronsson's picture

Hi !

I would also be interested in the example


Terrence Mitchem's picture

I would also be interested in receiving information about this.

Kai Anding's picture

Dear Sylvain!

I would also be very interested in this example VC++ project file. Many thanks in advance!


Alan Hazell's picture


I too would also find your Visual project example extremely useful as I have limited knowledge of compiling at present.

Many thanks,

Alan Hazell Loughborough University

Mikael Aronsson's picture

Hi !

I must be doing something wrong here, I am trying to compile a debug version of TKCAF, and I have put together a project to compile all the source files, but I get unresolved external errors, many of them, as it look I think it is because most publics are declared with declspec(import) by default, which is good for an application using the library, but the library should be compiled with declspec(export).

__Standard_DLL controls this, wright ?

What I don't get is that this means that all publics are declared either as import or export, compiling for example TKCAF would require the the stuff for that library should be declared with export and the rest as import, am I completley wrong here or... ?

I looked in the example project but I could not find anything special in there, and that does not declare the __Standard_DLL.

I guess I am doing something very stupid, but I don't now what it is :)


Mikael Aronsson's picture

Hi !

Sorry, as usual it's me being stupid, I completley missed the fact that there are source files under the drv dubdirectory to, I though that was only include files, after adding them to the project to everything (almost) compiled as it should.

I did get an unresolved external on alloc(), but this is available on Windows to, but it is named _alloc(), I renamed it in the source file and then it compiled ok, I do think you can do the same thing by linking to oldnames.lib, but I didn't try that.


Omar Msaaf's picture

in your example. Thanks in advance

Sylvain Lecluze's picture

Hello, I would be intersted too Thanks Sylvain

Peggy Rocher's picture

I have troubles when compiling the TKService module with VC++: There are errors with the two include files unistd.h (in Xw_Extension.h) and X11/Xlib.h (in ImageUtility_X11Display.hxx), but I think there is no need for these files because I build it for NT.

Which settings should I use not to have these problems any more ?

Jean Rahuel's picture

You does not need Xw on NT. Xw is used only on UNIX.

Best Regards,

Jean Rahuel

Philippe Centa's picture

As far as I remember, when you build for windozz (98, NT or whatever) even though VC++ should tell you with /D "WIN32" , you have to add /D "WNT" in your 'define' settings to reinfoce your position ! (my suggestion is to add #ifdef WIN32 define WNT somewhere)


Philippe Centa

Peggy Rocher's picture

The solution for this problem is not to add the Xw, Xdps and ImageUtility packages to the project (TKService) you want to compile ...

Mikael Aronsson's picture

Hi !

Do you have the #define WNT in there, anyway I don't tink you should even compile these files at all on VC++, these are unix files only I guess.