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Coincident boolean operations

Vinocell's picture

Hi, I'd like to know about the ability of Open Cascade to perform boolean operations dealing with coincidences. I noticed that some people were working on a gluing operation. However, as far as i understand, it only works in the case of pure face-face coincidences (i.e. the intersection of the body with the tool provides a 2D shape) but if the body and tool also interfer with each other in the usual way, gluing cannot provide the expected result (i.e. the intersection of the body with the tool provide a 3D shape). If we go this way we could first glue the two shapes and then, remove the self-intersection of the final shape, is that possible in OCC?

Another question that could be a workaround for coincident boolean operations: is there an operation in OCC able to fuse two shapes given as arguments the two shapes and two faces? These would be a face of the first shape which share the same geometry as a face of the second one. So in this case we already provide to the algorithm the most complicated information to compute.

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