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OPEN CASCADE is pleased to announce that the line of its Advanced Samples and Tools has been expanded with two new components, Ship Builder and OCAF Browser.

Ship Builder is a fully functional prototype application for the shipbuilding industry. The sample demonstrates the process of design of a ship framing, and features a function to compute hydrostatic properties of the ship hull under the given waterline. It allows to import surfaces of a ship hull and superstructure from IGES files and create traversal and longitudinal stiffeners and bulkheads.

This application uses Qt-based SALOME GUI for its graphical interface. Python scripting language is used in the command console of the sample. All commands to create and edit objects are accessible from both, GUI and Python console.

OCAF Browser Qt Widget is a tool that allows developers of OCAF and Qt based applications to visually browse the OCAF documents right during run time. This useful feature significantly facilitates detecting and debugging problems in such applications.

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