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Building Errors

Jesus Mira's picture

I'm trying to read an IGES file with the following code:

#include <IGESControl_Controller.hxx>
#include <IGESControl_Reader.hxx>
#include <IFSelect_ReturnStatus.hxx>
#include <TopTools_HSequenceOfShape.hxx>
#include <TColStd_HSequenceOfTransient.hxx>
#include <TopoDS_Shape.hxx>
#include <Interface_Static.hxx>


      Handle(TopTools_HSequenceOfShape) aSequence;

      Interface_Static::SetIVal("read.surfacecurve.mode", -3);

      IGESControl_Reader aReader;
      IFSelect_ReturnStatus status = aReader.ReadFile( filePath.c_str() );

      if(status == IFSelect_RetDone){
        aSequence = new TopTools_HSequenceOfShape();
        TopoDS_Shape aShape = aReader.OneShape();

        aSequence->Append( aShape );


Building with: 

sudo g++ -o importer -I./gen-cpp -I/usr/local/include/thrift/ -I/usr/local/include/oce -lTKIGES -lTKXSBase -lTKBRep -lTKernel gen-cpp/Importer_Server.cpp gen-cpp/geometriesimporter_constants.cpp gen-cpp/Importer.cpp gen-cpp/geometriesimporter_types.cpp -lthrift

I get a whole lot off errors (In Spanish, sorry)

jesus@ubuntuthrift:/var/www/html/fileopen$ ./
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `Standard_Transient::operator new(unsigned long)': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN18Standard_TransientnwEm[_ZN18Standard_TransientnwEm]+0x14): referencia a `Standard::Allocate(unsigned long)' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `Standard_Transient::operator delete(void*)': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN18Standard_TransientdlEPv[_ZN18Standard_TransientdlEPv]+0x14): referencia a `Standard::Free(void*)' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `Standard_Transient::Standard_Transient()': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN18Standard_TransientC2Ev[_ZN18Standard_TransientC5Ev]+0xf): referencia a `vtable for Standard_Transient' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `Handle_Standard_Transient::~Handle_Standard_Transient()': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN25Handle_Standard_TransientD2Ev[_ZN25Handle_Standard_TransientD5Ev]+0x14): referencia a `Handle_Standard_Transient::EndScope()' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `TColStd_SequenceOfTransient::~TColStd_SequenceOfTransient()': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN27TColStd_SequenceOfTransientD2Ev[_ZN27TColStd_SequenceOfTransientD5Ev]+0x14): referencia a `TColStd_SequenceOfTransient::Clear()' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `TopTools_SequenceOfShape::~TopTools_SequenceOfShape()': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN24TopTools_SequenceOfShapeD2Ev[_ZN24TopTools_SequenceOfShapeD5Ev]+0x14): referencia a `TopTools_SequenceOfShape::Clear()' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `TopTools_SequenceOfShape::TopTools_SequenceOfShape()': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN24TopTools_SequenceOfShapeC2Ev[_ZN24TopTools_SequenceOfShapeC5Ev]+0x14): referencia a `TCollection_BaseSequence::TCollection_BaseSequence()' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `XSControl_Reader::operator delete(void*)': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN16XSControl_ReaderdlEPv[_ZN16XSControl_ReaderdlEPv]+0x14): referencia a `Standard::Free(void*)' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `XSControl_Reader::~XSControl_Reader()': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN16XSControl_ReaderD2Ev[_ZN16XSControl_ReaderD5Ev]+0x14): referencia a `vtable for XSControl_Reader' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `IGESControl_Reader::operator delete(void*)':
Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN18IGESControl_ReaderdlEPv[_ZN18IGESControl_ReaderdlEPv]+0x14): referencia a `Standard::Free(void*)' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `Handle_TopTools_HSequenceOfShape::operator=(TopTools_HSequenceOfShape const*)':
Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN32Handle_TopTools_HSequenceOfShapeaSEPK25TopTools_HSequenceOfShape[_ZN32Handle_TopTools_HSequenceOfShapeaSEPK25TopTools_HSequenceOfShape]+0x1f): referencia a `Handle_Standard_Transient::Assign(Standard_Transient const*)' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `MMgt_TShared::MMgt_TShared()': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN12MMgt_TSharedC2Ev[_ZN12MMgt_TSharedC5Ev]+0x1f): referencia a `vtable for MMgt_TShared' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `MMgt_TShared::~MMgt_TShared()': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN12MMgt_TSharedD2Ev[_ZN12MMgt_TSharedD5Ev]+0x13): referencia a `vtable for MMgt_TShared' sin definir
Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN12MMgt_TSharedD2Ev[_ZN12MMgt_TSharedD5Ev]+0x1f): referencia a `Standard_Transient::~Standard_Transient()' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `TopTools_HSequenceOfShape::TopTools_HSequenceOfShape()': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN25TopTools_HSequenceOfShapeC2Ev[_ZN25TopTools_HSequenceOfShapeC5Ev]+0x20): referencia a `vtable for TopTools_HSequenceOfShape' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `TopLoc_SListOfItemLocation::~TopLoc_SListOfItemLocation()': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN26TopLoc_SListOfItemLocationD2Ev[_ZN26TopLoc_SListOfItemLocationD5Ev]+0x15): referencia a `TopLoc_SListOfItemLocation::Clear()' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `ImporterHandler::openFile(std::string const&)': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs[_ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs]+0xad): referencia a `IGESControl_Controller::Init()' sin definir
Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs[_ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs]+0xbc): referencia a `Interface_Static::SetIVal(char const*, int)' sin definir
Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs[_ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs]+0xcb): referencia a `IGESControl_Reader::IGESControl_Reader()' sin definir
Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs[_ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs]+0xef): referencia a `XSControl_Reader::ReadFile(char const*)' sin definir
Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs[_ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs]+0x14c): referencia a `XSControl_Reader::TransferRoots()' sin definir
Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs[_ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs]+0x165): referencia a `XSControl_Reader::OneShape() const' sin definir
Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs[_ZN15ImporterHandler8openFileERKSs]+0x186): referencia a `TopTools_HSequenceOfShape::Append(TopoDS_Shape const&)' sin definir
/tmp/ccjvBN6C.o: En la función `IGESControl_Reader::~IGESControl_Reader()': Importer_Server.cpp:(.text._ZN18IGESControl_ReaderD2Ev[_ZN18IGESControl_ReaderD5Ev]+0x13): referencia a `vtable for IGESControl_Reader' sin definir
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

What am I MISSING?? Can you please help???

Laszlo Kudela's picture

Hello Jesus,

I am not sure what the gen-cpp parts are doing in the command line, so I just focus on the first part of the command, maybe it helps.

I copied your code in a test.cpp and tried to compile with the first part of your command:

g++ -o importer -I/usr/include/oce -lTKIGES -lTKXSBase -lTKBRep -lTKernel test.cpp

This does not work, because the order of arguments is wrong.

If we try this, it still doesn't work:

g++ test.cpp -I/usr/include/oce -lTKIGES -lTKXSBase -lTKBRep -lTKernel -o importer

because we miss TKMath library from the list of libraries:

Finally, what should work:

g++ test.cpp -I/usr/include/oce -lTKIGES -lTKXSBase -lTKBRep -lTKernel -lTKMath -o importer

I hope this helps.


Jesus Mira's picture

I appreciate your help László, but your change didn't make no difference... still the same errors

The gen-cpp part makes reference to a sub-directory where the files to compile are located.

The complete code is just an Apache Thrift example to try to create a C++ server that makes shape calculations for a PHP client. I didn't post the whole code because it might be outside the focus of OpenCascade and it works fine if I don't make use of OpenCascade functionality.

I'm aware that I'm completely new to OpenCascade and a PHP developer trying to code C++.... but I think I'm missing something related just to OpenCascade

Laszlo Kudela's picture

Hello Jesus,

sorry to hear that it still doesn't work. Can you post the command that you now used for compiling, and also the error message?


Jesus Mira's picture

Thank you László !! you made me think of the command and the order of the parameters again... and looks like I solved it with:

g++ gen-cpp/Importer_Server.cpp gen-cpp/geometriesimporter_constants.cpp gen-cpp/Importer.cpp gen-cpp/geometriesimporter_types.cpp  -I./gen-cpp -I/usr/local/include/thrift/ -I/usr/local/include/oce -lTKBRep -lTKIGES -lTKXSBase -lTKernel -lTKMath -lthrift -o importer

Now, it would be great if you could help me translate this into a makefile.... I know this doesn't have to do with OpenCascade... but it surely would help me much

Anyway! Again! Thank you!

Laszlo Kudela's picture

Hey Jesus,

glad to hear that it works. Usually I do not deal with makefiles directly, but use a makefile generator (CMAKE) instead. I would really suggest that you have a look in something like that, even if your project is small. I think it really pays off in the long run.


Jesus Mira's picture

Thanks a lot. I'll give it  try.

By the way... reading the IGES file throws a string to stdout: Total number of loaded entities : 3703.

Do you have any idea how to disable output to console??... 

Sorry if I'm overloading you with stupid questions... just can't find proper documentation or examples

I figured out that this next line should do it, but it doesnt.

Message::DefaultMessenger()->AddPrinter(new Message_PrinterOStream("OCCSampleRun.log", Standard_False));

Laszlo Kudela's picture

Try to add this in your code, before you perform reading the IGES file.

const Handle_Message_Messenger occMessenger = Message::DefaultMessenger();                                                                                                                      

But remember that if you disable the "cout" messenger once in your application, it will remain disabled until you explicitly add it again. I guess this messenger system follows some kind of a singleton pattern, so the lifetime of it would be the lifetime of the application.


Jesus Mira's picture

That did it. 

Thank you! You rock Lázsló!

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