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building cvs-version needs > 60GB ...

Anonymous's picture

Hi !
I checked out the developer version from the cvs.
Most libraries build and install fine, some need a LOT
of disc space (for intermediate libtool-output ?),
but for the STEP-library even 60GB of free hard disc are not enough.
Is that normal ? Am I missing something ?
Thank you very much for any hint ....

Francois Lauzon's picture

You must have a problem, I have built the entire library on NT and Linux box with less than 2 gig.


Thomas Jung's picture

Building the libraries from the distribution was
also no problem for me - only directly from the cvs...

Mikael Aronsson's picture

Hi !

I does sound a bit weird, but what kind of file system are you using ? I am assuming that you are not using some crappy VFAT or something like that, because OCC use a lot of long files names and it is possible that you might wast a lot of disk space on that, but 60GB sounds a lot high anyway.


Thomas Jung's picture

its ReiserFS, I am trying to build under Linux

Bill Jones's picture

I don't think you have a problem. The problem is with the CVS repository. I reported it in the summer of '02. There seems to be some problem with the repository versions of autoconf and automake (as pointed out by Robert Boehne see, It may therefore not affect the Windows build. I would like to know how Francois built it in

Thomas Jung's picture

Thank you very much, thats it...
I added simply a "max_cmd_len=1000" at the top of
the created libtool, now it works.
Unfortunately, I am not comfortable enough with
the autotools (yet...) to fix this,
but I'll try to find some way ...

Francois Lauzon's picture

Hi Bill,
I have used the script in ${CASROOT}\adm\Linux to build OCC, and my version of OCC came from cvs. On Linux, when I do a du -s -k on the ${CASROOT}, it show me ~700 meg for the installation and compiled objects for the optimized version of OCC. It's been compiled with gcc 3.2 and Red Hat 7.3.


Thomas Jung's picture

now its getting clearer ...
I simply followed the instructions at, which say:
"On Unix , go to the folder where you have
decompress your archive
./configure ...
with the correct option ( about GL , Tcl ... )

maybe you could put a hint there about these fabulous scripts ?

But, anyways, setting a value for this variable
"max_cmd_len" in libtool everything is fine ....

Bill Jones's picture

Thanks for the clarification. The problems represented here refer to the use of GNU autotools `configure` to build. This is as described at "on UNIX". The scripts (a carryover from version 3.0) are used by the CD install, however, I had trouble using them also when I attempted this last summer. Apparently they were updated prior to your use. Again, I reiterate my desire to have the CVS maintainers correct the build process using GNU autotools or update the WWW site to describe the "correct" procedure for building from CVS using the *.comp *.lnk scripts. Certainly, I prefer the former method for its portability. In fact, even the `cvs co` process needs better description on the site for those who wish all of OpenCASCADE from CVS.

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