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Bug in 5.2.3

Anonymous's picture

There appears to be a typeo in the 5.2.3 version of for OpenCASCADE. Line 518 of that file sets CXXFLAGS_save=$CPPFLAGS instead of to $CXXFLAGS. This will prevent preservation of "-DCSFDB -DNO_CXX_EX
CEPTION -DNo_Exception -DNDEBUG". Note -DCSFDB is needed for PTKernel DBC_VArrayNodeOfVArrayOfCharacter_0.cxx compile under Linux.

Also, it is considered bad practice to use a "/" in the SUBDIRS variable for automake. As per the automake manual...

"The directories mentioned in SUBDIRS must be direct children of the current directory. For instance, you cannot put src/subdir into SUBDIRS. Instead you should put SUBDIRS = subdir into src/ Automake can be used to construct packages of arbitrary depth this way."

So, someone with privileges needs to also change the top level to use "SUBDIRS = adm" and add a single line to the adm directory with "SUBDIRS = make".

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