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BRepMesh_FastDiscret: wrong vertex indices

Jürgen Plaga's picture

I'm trying to get an mesh from a shape. It seems to be working fine,
but looking at the first triangle via

BRepMesh_Triangle fMT = fMFD.Triangle(i);
fMT.Edges( fIdxE1, fIdxE2,fIdxE3, fO1,fO2,fO3);

the Result is

fIdxE1==697 E1.FirstIndex==68 E1.LastIndex==354
fIdxE2==694 E2.FirstIndex==725 E2.LastIndex==107
fIdxE3==698 E3.FirstIndex==694 E3.LastIndex==69

I expected to get not six but exactly three different vertex indices.
What's going wrong with BRepMesh_FastDiscret ?