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BRepAlgoAPI_Common crash

Mohamed Lotfy's picture

Dear All,

Could anyone help finding the reason of this crash.
Boolean operation is used to check if collision occurs between modeling objects or not.
The crash occurs when using BRepAlgoAPI_Common between two coinciding plates (boxes) touching each other. There are some holes going through the thicknesses of the plates for the purpose of fixation by bolts.
When omitting the holes, BRepAlgoAPI_Common works well.

More than one method are used for modeling this plates:
-using BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox for creating the plates then cutting the holes by cutting cylinders using boolean operation BRepAlgoAPI_Cut
-using rectangular wires and addig the holes as circular wires in 2D then creating a face then extruding it with the thickness of the required plate

Irrespective the way of modeling, as long as the existence of those coinciding holes, the crash occurs.

thank you in advance
Mohamed Lotfy

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