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ansys postprocess

trillion's picture

somebody had used opencascade for ansys postprocessing? how to import ansys mesh file? thanks for any tips.

Roman Lygin's picture

I'd search on Salome forum, it's more CAE than CAD question.

OCC by itself does not have Ansys import/export, though some client's OCC-based apps of course did it.

--- - blog on Open CASCADE

trillion's picture

hi roman
can you give me a example or the web address?

Roman Lygin's picture

Hi trillion, It's Open CASCADE-derived CAD/CAE link software that implies integration of various solvers and pre- and post-processors.
Hope this helps.

--- - blog on Open CASCADE

trillion's picture

Thank for giving the message, salome is wonderful cae-cad link software, but i am working in windows platform, salome doesn't surport windows oprate system, can you give another example?

Roman Lygin's picture

Nope sorry. Do you need Open CASCADE-based software or just any that would visualize Ansys results ? In the latter case, I'd search on visualization forum (e.g. VTK,
Or why wouldn't you develop this yourself on OCC ?

Good luck.

trillion's picture

Maybe I must develop this by myself, thank you very much!

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