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AISViewer to SampleGeometry

Damien's picture


I am a studiant who work on opencascade on windows platform.

I have make a projet on AISWiewer and I hope developpe this on SampleGeopmetry whith graphical interface.

But I have a problem I cannot understood ...for example, in firt, I want to include this fonction to make a box for testing but more command connot be interpreted by Sample Geometry I suppose...


Standard_Integer BoxCommand(Draw_Interpretor& theCommands,Standard_Integer argc, char** argv)
if (argc>5)
cout return TCL_ERROR;

Standard_Real dx = atof(argv[2]);
Standard_Real dy = atof(argv[3]);
Standard_Real dz = atof(argv[4]);
Standard_Real volume=dx*dy*dz;
TopoDS_Solid S = BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox (dx,dy,dz);

//to create and display Draw variables
cout return TCL_OK;


In first, I want to succeed without dialogue box ...but when I look SampleGeometry, I cannot anderstand who implement this on structure.

Sorry for my English beacause I was french.
Best regard.
Thank for your help.

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