Advanced Samples & Tools

Advanced Samples extend the collection of standard samples already included into Open CASCADE Technology, focusing on more advanced techniques.

The collection of Advanced Samples includes the following applications:

  • Advanced OCAF - a sample of 3D modeler using parametric approach (i.e. modification of some arguments defining primitive shapes and operations leads to re-computation of the whole result model).
  • XDE - a sample application based on eXtended Data Exchange component of Open CASCADE Technology and able to exchange data between all supported formats - BRep, IGES, STEP, STL, VRML and licensed options ACIS, Parasolid, DXF, with support of colors, names, layers, assemblies, etc.
  • Shape Healer - a full-fledged application to analyze and to correct CAD models imported from different formats, to customize and to export them to another destination format.
  • Ship Builder - a sample application for the shipbuilding industry. The sample demonstrates the process of design of a ship framing, and features a function to compute hydrostatic properties of the ship hull under the given waterline. It allows to import surfaces of a ship hull and superstructure from IGES files and create traversal and longitudinal stiffeners and bulkheads. This application uses Qt-based SALOME GUI for its graphical interface. Python scripting language is used in the command console of the sample. All commands to create and edit objects are accessible from both, GUI and Python console.

Advanced Tools help make the development of Open CASCADE Technology based software more fast and efficient, by providing ready to use components implementing some highly demanded features.

The set of Advanced Tools includes the following components:

  • C# Wrapper - a tool for wrapping Open CASCADE Technology C++ classes to C# language, to allow their use from within .NET applications. This component not only provides the ready to use wrappers for the most used part of Open CASCADE Technology high-level API, but also describes the methodology of wrapping, and features a tool to let user wrap additional C++ classes and types if needed. The component also includes a C# sample that illustrates the use of wrappers generated by this tool.
  • Java Wrapper - a tool for wrapping Open CASCADE Technology C++ classes to Java language, to allow their use from within Java applications. This component is similar to the C# Wrapper tool described above.

The Advanced Samples and Tools are provided with the full source code.

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