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Advanced Fillet Creation

Victor Eberhart's picture

Hey folks,

I'm trying to create fillets around the blade root of an radial turbomachinery part. OCC (pythonOCC in my case) is capable of generating the fillets based on the four original blade root edges up to a certain fillet radius.

Testing the fillet creation using commercial software (ANSYS DesignModeler) yields basically the same result, up to a certain radius, it works. Beyond that, fillet generation fails. What I tried then is to subdivide the four edges, and apply the fillet generation on the resulting eight edges. And guess what… it did work with rather large radii.

So, my idea was to replicating that within OCC. And up to a point it works.

Using ShapeFix_SplitTool.SplitEdge and BRepTools_ReShape, I managed to replace the four original edges with the eight new edges. Also, when I export the resulting shape (I think, it's a shell) to STEP format and open it within DesignModeler, it shows the eight edges.

So far so good…

But when I try to create fillets on the eight edges, the result is the same: no fillets beyond a certain radius. Also, for successful fillet creation using smaller radii, the fillet only consists of four faces, as if the fillet algorithm ignores the previous subdivision of the blade root edges in eight parts.

Any idea, how to circumvent that problem?

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