Advanced 3D in a Web Browser

Boost your industrial processes with OPEN CASCADE


Easier Digital Transformation

Shorten your B2B sales, production or delivery process by fully interactive 3D application accessible to your partners and clients via a Web browser.

Advanced 3D capacities

Our powerful 3D technology enables advanced simulation features for your end users. Let the users make the right choice of products!

Unique competitive advantage

Your custom application is powered by exact 3D from your engineering but stays simple, intuitive and safe to use.

  •  Exact 3d models
  •  Automated B2B workflows
  •  Easy, interactive and no installation

Main capacities

Advanced capacities

  •  Power of exact 3D geometry
  •  High performance Web visualization
  •  Touch-screen enabled ergonomics
  •  One-stop shop: technology & service
  •  Customization for every case
  •  Easy, interactive and no installation
  •  Simulation with user's 3D data
  •  Custom output for user’s industrial process
  •  Precise measurements & 3D functionality
  •  Authoring, Annotation, Custom operations
  •  Creation of new assembly configurations
  •  Use of existing 3D CAD/DMU (multi-format)
  •  Specific user interfaces
  •  Integration with existing IT environment


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