ACIS-SAT Import-Export


Provides Open CASCADE Technology-based applications with the capability of data exchange with the software products that can write or read ACIS SAT files.

The ACIS-SAT data exchange module is a two-way data conversion module (read and write) with SAT (Save As Text) files, including versions up to ACIS 7 (initial implementation of reading all ACIS versions up to the latest), at two levels:

  • BRep data (geometrical and topological data),
  • Colors and Names, with the help of XDE, Open CASCADE's Extended Data Exchange module.

BRep mapping can be used alone. Attribute mapping requires BRep mapping and adds colors and names.


  • Reading/writing geometrical and topological information

Geometrical and topological data from a SAT file can be converted to the geometrical and topological data of Open CASCADE shapes. Translation calls on the Shape Healing function to produce data which fulfill the integrity constraints that are expected when using Open CASCADE technology. Like the other exchange modules, Shape Healing called into operation by the ACIS read function can be controlled by a resource file. This includes, in particular, the call to Shape Healing (operators and parameters to apply), which can then be adapted according to particular needs.

When no resource file is defined, the default healing sequence applies. When a problem occurs during conversion and an approximation is available in the file (a feature found in ACIS from version 5.0), the approximation is used for conversion.

In the same way, conversion of Open CASCADE shapes to the SAT file is implemented. Translation can call Shape Healing under the control of a resource file, if it is present. This allows the user to adapt the written configuration of the shape to the needs of the ACIS-based application on the receiving end.

  • Reading/writing attributes from ACIS-SAT to XDE

Translation function fills an XDE data structure with conversion results after loading and conversion to Open CASCADE Shapes. Processed data types are Colors and Names present in the ACIS file. They can then be used through the XDE API like any other external attribute (read from IGES, STEP).

When converting to ACIS, attributes attached to the Open CASCADE shapes in an XDE data structure are translated to their ACIS equivalent.

Data types considered are Colors and Names described in the XDE data structure.

The function does not handle the assemblies introduced in version 7.

Operational mode and possible limitations are described in delivery documents accompanying the module.


This interface provides direct exchange of data with systems that support the ACIS-SAT format (AutoCAD, Inventor, etc.) for Open CASCADE-based applications and can considerably extend the scope and increase the quality and speed of translation.

  • It also provides a high level of exchange quality through the use of Shape Healing, which corrects models before they are put into Open CASCADE, and benefits from the Open CASCADE framework for data exchange.
  • The interface requires no third-party license.
  • Source code can be licensed.


The ACIS SAT Import - Export module is based on certified version of Open CASCADE. This module is stand-alone and requires no other external software.

It is available on all platforms supported for Open CASCADE.

It is packaged as a separate module, in two parts: one for BRep conversion and one for XDE. The BRep part can be used independently of XDE. The XDE part requires both the BRep conversion and the XDE conversion.

If you wish to evaluate or get more information about this component, please contact us for a free demo application. Please, feel free to ask any questions you may have concerning this component.

Please read about IntelliCAD (by 4M) in which this component was successfully applied.