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About XDE

gpsunjp's picture

I use the following code to read a iges file.
But I cannot retrieve any shapes from shapeTool.

Could anyone know how to use IGESCAFControl_Reader ?

Thank you in advance!


Handle(TDocStd_Document) doc;
Handle(TDocStd_Application) A;
if (!DDocStd::Find(A)) {cout A->NewDocument("MDTV-XCAF",doc);

IGESCAFControl_Reader igesReader;

igesReader.SetColorMode (Standard_True);
igesReader.SetNameMode (Standard_True);
igesReader.SetLayerMode (Standard_True);;
IFSelect_ReturnStatus readStat = igesReader.ReadFile("c:\\temp\\BoxTrim.igs");
cout }

Handle(XCAFDoc_ShapeTool) shapeTool = XCAFDoc_DocumentTool::ShapeTool(doc->Main());

Patrik Mueller's picture


assuming the reading itself was successfull, have you tried it with the "GetShape" methods from XCAFDoc_ShapeTool?



gpsunjp's picture


I got shapes using GetShapes().

Thank You very much.

Jansen's picture

How to get color of the shape from iges file with XDE?

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