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About sewing faces in nonmanifold mode

Cauchy Ding's picture

Hi All,

In BRepOffsetAPI_Sewing, there is an option "SetNonManifoldMode" to enable/disable nonmainfold sewing. Currently, I find a sample which sewed successfully when SetNonManifoldMode set as false, but sewed failed when SetNonManifoldMode set as true.

If necessary, I can supply the iges file by Email or upload to any public server. The file contains only two simple faces created using OCC API. One is plane face bounded tree line segments, another is a loft surface created by one wire and one vertex.(The loft surface contain one degenerated edge.)

BTW: In fact, I have sewed many manifold/nonmanifold samples successfully, the SetNonManifoldMode is always set as true.

Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks in advance.

-Cauchy Ding

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