3D Applications

Open CASCADE Technology for end users.


Celebrating 15th anniversary of OCCT as an open source project, OPEN CASCADE is happy to announce a new step towards a wider accessibility of Open CASCADE Technology for end users: applications based on OCCT and complementing it.

We sincerely hope that our applications will help you in your business, scientific, or educational activity.

CAD Assistant

A viewer and converter for CAD files in formats natively supported by OCCT (STEP, IGES, BREP). This application shows the availability of OCCT functionality on Android & iOS platforms, and is a basis for development of customized mobile solutions. This application can be installed using Google Play or from APK file downloaded from our site.

JT Assistant

A high performance viewer for JT files. It provides a basis for future development of custom applications working with JT data.


A fast GPU accelerated, unbiased physically-based renderer. With CADRays, you can see (or show to others!) how your product will look in reality just having a digital model of a product. And physical correctness allows achieving stunning results faster, with minimum parameters to tweak.


Please share your feedback with us and contact us if you have ideas on how to improve our applications or would like to use this technology and develop customized solutions for your needs.