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2D/3D CAD based on OCAF

Zoltan Gaal's picture


I'm planning to write a small cad-like program, where the user may draw the plan of a room (in 2D) and than "extrude" it into a 3D object. I wish to use OCAF but i have some question before i could star it.

1. During 2D drawing (in a 2D document) which is prefered. To have all the drawn parts as a different label in the document tree, or have just a single Shape (Compound) and modify this shape all the time. I've checked the net but found no example for this project. (they were either to huge, like salome, or did not used the OCAF). Right now I don't want to add any attribute to the 2D parts (but to the "extruded" 3D object yes).

2. If i add new labels all the time, the memory requirement will be increased dramatically, won't be ? And as the labels cannot be deleted form the tree (by the documentation), when parts of the 2D are removed, which is the prefered solution: mark some labels as empty, and reuse them, or just ignore these empty labels and create new ones all the time?

Thanks for any advise.

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