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It is possible to purchase units apiece. Minimal amount of units that can be purchased by customer is 20 units. Minimal amount of units (20 units) could be sold only for the term of up to three months (one quarter). For the number of units from 1 to 99 no price discounts are applied


Open CASCADE Technology and SALOME, like any other complex software products, require deep knowledge in order to be most efficiently applied. OPEN CASCADE experts that have been developing these platforms for years possess such knowledge, and thus can efficiently support your development.


All OPEN CASCADE support services are offered within so called «A la carte» programs (*) that give you a convenience of using different kinds of support services in any combination and sequence, and as soon as you need them. These programs provide you so called “units” that you can use as money, to purchase any service according to its fixed price expressed in units. Check-out our support offerings and pick-up one that meets your requirements the best.


  • Optimize your development schedule and costs due to reduced learning curve and acquire maximum knowledge of the platform.
  • Get the full flexibility to request support services when you need them, according to your particular project phase.
  • Receive additional bonuses within yearly support programs.
  • Expect return on investments in the long run: your deep knowledge of our software will help you efficiently maintain your application and will cut your costs. Meet your customers' demands implementing new features faster and more reliably.
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