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tesst формы Contact Us Request a Free Trial Request a Live Demo Contact Sales Request a Quote Request for Educational Use Customization Request E-learning On-site training Apply for a Job Apply for an Internship Tech Support Request Report a Technical Issue кнопка красная обводка Keeping up with two modern trends such as immersive computing and migration from on-premise to web, Open Cascade offers a unique package of software components for short-time creation of 3D-rich web applications. The rendering technology of Web 3D Viewer SDK simplifies heavily detailed CAD files by converting them into light-weight format with top loading and display speed. Web3D Viewer is a part of Open Cascade Commercial Platform.

The package consists of two components:

WebGL 3D viewer — the component responsible for CAD rendering and visualization in a web, Presentation Generator (BSON generator) — the component responsible for conversion of CAD files to internal binary presentation format (BSON) that can be displayed in a web browser with help of WebGL 3D viewer component.  

Standard functionality* included into Web 3D Viewer:

  • Navigation and rotation
  • Measurements
  • Annotations
  • Clipping planes and capping
  • Exploded view
  • Snapshots
  • Object browser, synchronization of the selection between browser and 3D view

тест нумерованного списка

  1. Navigation and rotation
  2. Measurements
  3. Annotations
  4. Clipping planes and capping
  5. Exploded view
  6. Snapshots
  7. Object browser, synchronization of the selection between browser and 3D view
CADRays' on-screen viewport is the final rendering result. Thus it provides immediate feedback to adjust the parameters of materials, light sources and a camera with a fully interactive frame rate. CADRays uses progressive rendering mode starting with a noisy image and then progressively refining it towards the final result. And, of course, you can stop the rendering process at a point where you find the noise level acceptable. *Some additional functionality can be provided as a specific development based on other Commercial Platform components.

Build your own web 3D solution from scratch or extend viewing capacities and add interactivity to your existing projects

E-commerce — online catalogues, configurators and customizers

  • Attract more customers with immersive 3D views
  • Embed advanced customization options and let your end users create assembly, resize, change components, choose colors, remove unnecessary parts, etc.*
  • IP protect your products (hide parts, distort/deform details to protect proprietary information while preserving the outer geometry)*
  • Automate order, sales, manufacturing and other processes by integrating web 3D viewer with other enterprise systems.*
*This functionality is not included into Web 3D Viewer standard package, can be provided as Open Cascade specific development based on other Commercial Platform components. Web 3D Viewer

E-learning and Science — interactive trainings

  • Enrich your presentations with interactive and immersive 3D views while conducting online trainings, learnings, conferences, etc.
  • Provide your audience with advanced immersive viewing of training materials.
  • Let your audience share their works with easy loading of 3D models from anywhere.

Enterprise solutions — collaborative tools for exploring and analyzing 3D design

  • Provide all stakeholders with an easy access to enterprise 3D data from anywhere*
  • Let all team members collaborate on corporate 3D projects, perform design review, analyze models, share comments*
  • Visualize large-scale point cloud models*
*This functionality is not included into Web 3D Viewer standard package, can be provided as Open Cascade specific development based on other Commercial Platform components.

Web 3D Viewer

Key advantages:

  • Compatible with both WebGL 1.0/2.0
  • JavaScript API layer offers a subset of functions for scene scripting
  • Three.js renderer- display of custom actors

Supported web browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox version 54 or newer (WebGL 2.0)
  • Google Chrome version 59  or newer (WebGL 2.0)
  • Microsoft Edge 40  or newer (WebGL 2.0)
  • Apple Safari (WebGL 1.0)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version  11 (WebGL 1.0/2.0)

Supported file formats for reading:

  • Neutral file formats: STEP, IGES,
  • Native file formats *: CATIA v.4/v.5/v.6, Solidworks, Solidedge, JT, NX, CreoElements (Pro-Engineer), Inventor, ACIS, Parasolid, 3DM (Rhino), IFC, Revit, CADDs,
  • Mesh file formats: OBJ, STL, PLY, FBX, CGR,
  • Internal file format: BREP, XBF.
*The support of native formats is available as an extension to the standard functionality under additional license. Contact Open Cascade to get more information.
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