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About documentation.... ?

Anonymous's picture

Hi !

I have still not gotten any answer on this question, I would be most grate ful if someone who knows about this could give a comment.

Will the OCC documentation be open sourced to ?, this may be useful if someone would like to generate documentation in any other format then the ones that exist today just as an example.


Francois Lauzon's picture

Hi Mikael, all the extensive reference documentation is already Open Source: look at the *.cdl files, they are all documented header files. You've got all lot of documentation there, much more than in the User's manual...


Mikael Aronsson's picture

Hi !

Yes, thats true, but I was more think if some one would like to create documentation in a another format then the HTML/MSHELP/MSWEBHELP/PDF that we have today.

The .cdl files contains all the documentation but it is not very useful for generating readable documentation, or are the .cdl files used as input for some kind of software that generates the final docs ?


Francois Lauzon's picture

Yes. With Cascade 2.1 we had an application (http server) that run on IRIX and parse all the cdl files to give access to referenced documentation in html format. I still used this application with the current open cascade 3.0 cdl files. You might use the source code to generate documentation in other format, or you might design your own code parser... I think that cdl files are the best starting point to generate REFERENCE documentation, since they are still documented and you will find documentation in those files that you won't find in the user's guide (the reverse is also true...). Like I said, I mostly use the cdl files as my source of documentation.

regards. Francois.

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