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Packaging (again) for Debian

Kurt Kremitzki's picture

Hello, I am trying to reintroduce OCCT 7.2 to Debian as a preliminary task for releasing FreeCAD 0.17.  It had previously been removed in version 6.5.0 before the LGPL relicensing.

I've submitted my work-in-progress package to where it's awaiting further review for anyone curious:

Part of the feedback I've gotten on the Debian-Science mailing lists suggests using their new GitLab instance for the packaging.  I had mirrored the repo from over at, but it was pointed out that because of the fact that your upstream repo has access restricted behind a signed CLA, this might not be acceptable.

Can someone let me know if I should take down that repo?  I can always package it with a history-free git repo based on a downloaded tarball.

Andrey BETENEV's picture

Hello Kurt,

Sorry for delay with processing of your post -- it had triggered a spam filter (likely due to links inside) and had to wait until forum supervisor is available...

It is great to know on your effort to put OCCT to Debian!

The recommended way to download snapshots of OCCT Git repository is to use OCCT GitWeb service (; link 'snapshot' near to commit).
For instance, URL;a=snapshot;h=refs/tags/V7_2_0;sf=tgz will give you snapshot of OCCT 7.2.0.

Note that Git snapshot is not exactly the same as the source package that you can find on the official download page: the latter contains also a bunch of generated files (documentation, MSVC, CodeBlocks, and XCode project files). 
These files are put there to help the new users to start with OCCT; they are not necessary if you are ready to build OCCT from scratch.

You can also clone OCCT Git repository anonymously (read only) using URL
There are no restrictions on distributing the sources apart of those set by LGPL license.
CLA is needed only if you want to contribute to OCCT, i.e. need write access to the repository.