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Dynamic Selection

Saneesh Kumar's picture

Hi All,
Can we implement dynamic selection in the Import-Export sample. My requirement is to load an IGES file and select a ring and to delete it and save it as IGES file again. Is this possible? I know dynamic selection will be possible.

Thanks for the Help..


Saneesh Kumar's picture

I need my application to select entity using mouse left click and to change the color of the selected entity.

Forum supervisor's picture

Hello Saneesh,
You can find working example delivered with last release of OCCT in Viewer3d sample.
1. Start sample
2. Create for example Box
3. Activate corresponding selection mode (vertexes, edges or faces...)
4. Select the needed entity
5. You may continue test result of selection in Fillet operation (if edge(s) were selected):
Press "fillet" button and perform fillet operation.

Saneesh Kumar's picture

Thanks for the reply,
I need to download the Open CASCADE Technology 6.5 to get the working sample right? Now I am using the Open CASCADE Technology 6.3.0.

Thanks for the reply.

Forum supervisor's picture

No, it is not necessary if you have downloaded corresponding samples based on 6.3.0.
The functionality is analogical.

Saneesh Kumar's picture

I have the working Viewer3d in my machine. here it selects the entire sample cube when i click on the cube. How can i change the selection mode to individual faces, so that i can select six different faces and can color the six faces.

Thanks for your time

Forum supervisor's picture

See the p.3. of the previous post:
"3. Activate corresponding selection mode (vertexes, edges or faces...) "
It means that you should press the corresponding button presented at the ToolBar of the sample.
See the attached picture. Corresponding buttons are inside the red square.

Saneesh Kumar's picture

My problem is that i don't have a toolbar to select the faces. Image of my toolbar is attached

Forum supervisor's picture

Ok, I understood.
This functionality was moved in Viewer3d sample starting from 6.4.0.
In OCCT 6.3.0 you may find it in AISSelect sample (mfc).
See the attached picture.

Saneesh Kumar's picture

OK now I got it.

Thanks for your help and patience.


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