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About extending face by specifying some edges or wire.

Cauchy Ding's picture

Hi All,

Most CADs support to extend face by specifying some edges in the face. After reading through the occ doc, I only find a API GeomLib::ExtendSurfByLength. Yes, it works well for edges lied on ISO direction. However, this API is totally based on geometry but not topology. I wonder know whether occ supports to extend face by edges or wire. If it does not, can anyone give me some suggestions to extend face properly.

Thanks in advance.

-Cauchy Ding

Cauchy Ding's picture

Does any body know it? Any suggestion is welcome.

Svetlozar Kostadinov's picture

What do you mean "extend"? If you mean sweep along a path, what about using the topological function BRepPrimAPI_MakePrism? You can sweep an edge, wire, face or even solid along given vector.

This is a sample code from OCC50.chm documentation:

//creation of a finite, an infinite, and a semi-infinite solid using a face, a direction and a length.
TopoDS_Face F = ..; // The swept face
gp_Dir direc(0,0,1);
Standard_Real l = 10;
// create a vector from the direction and the length
gp_Vec v = direc;
v *= l;
TopoDS_Solid P1 = BRepPrimAPI_MakePrism(F,v);
// finite
TopoDS_Solid P2 = BRepPrimAPI_MakePrism(F,direc);
// infinite
TopoDS_Solid P3 = BRepPrimAPI_MakePrism(F,direc,Standard_False);
// semi-infinite

Sharjith Naramparambath's picture

I think you can retrieve the underlying surface of the topological object using BRepTool::Surface, extend it using Geomlib and again make a Topological surface (TopoDS_Face or TopoDS_Shell).

Hope this works!

N. Sharjith

Cauchy Ding's picture

Oh, maybe I explain this question not clearly enough. I record a demo and it shows the face extending module of solidworks. Here is the link address:

Andreas Baumahuer's picture

Maybe the class BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset or BRepOffsetAPI_MakeThickSolid will help you. The first I am using to offset the edges of a face. The second seems to do the same for the faces of a body (see in documentation)

Cauchy Ding's picture

Hi,Andreas. Thank you for your reply. But as u can see in the video, the offset object is not the wire, but some edge(s) of the face. BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset only receive wire.

Billy's picture

I assume by this thread that there is no method to do this in OCC.

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