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Std. E-Viewer not seen on IE 6.0

Anonymous's picture

I installed the standard E-Viewer and the install seemed to work OK. But I don't see any changes to IE 6.0 that would allow me to use the E-Viewer features. The E-Viewer pdf doesn't say explicitly how to use the features in IE 6.0 or where they can be found. Does the E-Viewer work with IE 6.0 ? If so, how can I find where the features are located? If it does not work with IE 6.0, why not?


Patrik Mueller's picture


it works for me... Try to open an IE and then drag and drop an BREP file in the window.



R Hinde's picture

I have IE 5.5 installed and i m working on windows 98 .
I have installed e-viewer ..installlation was fine ..but when i try to open a .step and .brep file it gives error such as "Failed to open DIB file c:\Windows\Temp\OCClogo.bmp ".
How do i view the file ?Do i have to make some setting for IE?

Rajeshwari H.

mark smith's picture

I also can't get e-viewer to work witn win2000 and IE 6.0. The open casade team can't help so is there anyone who can?

Eric Dykstra's picture

We would like to use the e-Viewer at, but we can't get the plug-in to work. Documentation is weak. Does anyone know of any websites that successfully use it?

Forum supervisor's picture


please note that we recently updated the Open CASCADE web pages dedicated to e-Viewer. Now on the page "Interactive gallery" you can see the examples of e-Viewer usage.
The page is located at

Best regards,
Dorum Supervisor

Matthias Zenker's picture


I just have tried eViewer Standard with Internet Explorer 6.0 /WIN XP. It just doesn't work. No way to open .stp files or one of the examples in the gallery. The IE shows an empty window with a tiny symbol in the top left corner.
I also wanted to try it with Firefox, but the netscape plugin just wasn't installed.
Has eViewer ever been tested with WIN XP / IE 6.0 or Firefox?

Thanks for hints on how to get it to work,


Matthias Zenker's picture

Oh, BTW, the above mentioned gallery is now at


Forum supervisor's picture


e-Viewer uses Internet Explorer plug-in's API which is blocked by Microsoft security patches. Thus, the current version of e-Viewer cant work with IE plus security patches. The alternative approach is considered now and we plan to issue the update of e-Viewer for IE in upcoming OCC releases. Please use e-Viewer with Netscape and Opera.

Should you need this component working with IE in your projects or professional activity please do not hesitate to contact

We will update the list of supported browsers on the e-Viewer page.

Sincerely yours,
Forum Supervisor.

Alan Hudson's picture

I've discovered e-viewer doesn't like ANY of the later (latest) versions of the three browsers.
It doesn't work, as you say, with IE6 + SP1 + security patches. It also doesn't work with Opera 8.51, nor Netscape 7.2. (It _almost_ worked with NS 7.2 - with a .stp file it got as far as displaying the OpenCascade logos, then fell over with _illegal operation_!)
At least, it doesn't work on my Win2K + SP4 machine. I'll try it again with an earlier version of Opera.

Alan Hudson's picture

Yep! Tried it with Opera v7.1 instead of v8.5 and it worked OK.
So it's newer versions of NS and Opera (plus IE6 with security patches) that the e-viewer doesn't like!

With a complex STEP file (30MB size), the pan and rotate work immediately, but the zoom is slow. There are two possible "zoom" methods, each taking different times. The "Zoom area" menu command takes a little while (15 seconds or so), but the Ctrl-left click zoom takes minutes to happen!

But at least I got e-viewer working!


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