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A.Akbari's picture

Hi All,
I have a Surface and make an offset from it by BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffsetShape, but it seems that it has some self intersection parts. Is there any way to eliminate these parts.
Thanks for any Idea.

Prasad's picture


Any progress :)

Anybody know how to build a thin solid out of surface i.e offsetting
thickness on both sides ( very small amount ) . Is it possible to build such solid ( not shell ) using this API or other alternative Offset API's.
- Prasad

A.Akbari's picture

Hi Prasad,
Thank you for your response sir.
I think you are talking about hollowed solids,But how can I use it to eliminate my self intersection parts of the offseted surface?
Could you please explain more?

Gerhard Hofmann's picture

Hello Prasad,

BRepOffsetAPI_MakeThickSolid should do the job. Good luck!


A.Akbari's picture

Hi Sir,
Thank you, yes I know it but does BRepOffsetAPI_MakeThickSolid really omit the self intersection parts?

Prasad's picture

Hello Gerhard,
This makes hollowed solids.
I just want to make a thick solid out of a geometric surface
or face. Similar to 'thicken feature' in Solidworks/SolidEdge/Inventor.

- Prasad

Rob Bachrach's picture

Will BRepPrimAPI_MakePrism do what you want. If you want
the face offset in both directions, just offset it in one
direction and apply a transform (translation) of half the
depth in the other direction. The transform can be applied
to the original face or the final solid.

Prasad's picture

Thanks Rob,
I was able to do what u suggested, but sometimes you may get
self-intersecting solid when my surface has sharp bends and the
offset distance is large.
Anyway u can remove those.
thanks again
- Prasad

A.Akbari's picture

Hi Prasad,
Could you please tell me how you can remove self-intersecting parts?

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