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Open CASCADE version 5.0
More efficient, more productive... and still Open Source!

A more efficient version
This new major version includes new features such as:
  • a new version of Boolean Operations increasing algorithms' reliability, including singularity cases,
  • an e-Viewer providing a web-browser 3D visualization service,
  • a Document Browser making development with Open CASCADE Application Framework (OCAF)
    more efficient,
  • a Class Browser giving a better view of the Open CASCADE classes organization.

    A more productive version
    The improvements allow users to develop their scientific and technical projects with greater efficiency:
  • more than 500 corrections since previous version
  • a 'step by step' procedure assisting the user to install Open CASCADE platform, environment and
  • highly extended documentation, especially on Shape Healing and Data Exchange modules.

    As a strong actor of the open-source movement, OPEN CASCADE S.A. maintains its engagement in its
    business model: more than 2700 days were invested in this new major version. Like previous versions, Open CASCADE version 5.0 is based on the Open CASCADE public license
    providing users the complete freedom to distribute their own derived developments and products.

    To increase development teams performance, OPEN CASCADE S.A. offers a wide range of support
    services including standard or specific trainings, e-learning sessions as well as a set of 'a la carte' support packages allowing to fit particular needs of development teams and to benefit from Open CASCADE S.A. expertise.

    In addition to these support services, Open CASCADE S.A. proposes specific applications developments.

    Version 5.0 is available from the Open CASCADE web site at:
    This version is certified on Sun Solaris, Windows and Linux platforms.

    More about...
    OPEN CASCADE is a software services company, specialized in integration of numerical simulation codes from Open Source platforms. For its industrial clients in Europe, Asia and Northern America it also realizes trade-specific solutions integrating companies know-how as well as in-house calculation codes.

    For 3 years OPEN CASCADE S.A. has been promoting SALOME platform intended for integration of simulation codes. The consortium engaged in development of SALOME consists of more than 20 partners; among them are CEA, EDF, EADS, HUTCHINSON, RENAULT, CSTB, BRGM, BUREAU VERITAS.

    Basing on an innovative Open Source approach, Open CASCADE S.A. offers specific applications development for industrial companies and large research centers.
    OPEN CASCADE S.A. also offers support services on its Open Source platforms including training, consulting, technical assistance and support for optimal implementation of client development projects.

    OPEN CASCADE relies on an international team of highly skilled engineers with proven competence in many technical software development areas: software architecture, data modeling, programming under various operating systems, graphic user interface, data exchange interfaces, 3D geometric modeling, meshing, management of physical properties, visualization applied to numerical simulation.

    OPEN CASCADE provides thorough competence in modern development technologies, such as C++, PYTHON, Java, TCL, CORBA, JSP, XML, Qt, pyQt, VTK, UML, SWIG and HDF.

    OPEN CASCADE customers include important industrial companies leading in their domains, such as ALCATEL SPACE, BMW, RINA, CEA, EDF, EADS, MITUTOYO, ARCELOR as well as software editors and
    research centers.

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