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Open CASCADE Version 4.0 Features Major Improvements and Is Now Available for Free Downloading
The latest version of these open-source 3D modeling components includes advanced data exchange capabilities, improved modeling algorithms and a development environment that can be used for working with applications that are non-Open CASCADE dependent

Paris, November 27, 2001 The new Open CASCADE Certified Version 4.0 has been thoroughly tested and documented and is now available for free downloading from the Web site. This stable version incorporates many enhancements from both Open CASCADE developers and outside contributors; including corrections stemming from customer projects. Open CASCADE Version 4.0 runs under Windows 2000 and Linux Intel 2.4, as well as under Windows NT/9x, SGI IRIX 6.4 and Sun Solaris 2.6.

The new version is simpler to install since code, binaries, samples and documentation can be downloaded either separately, as needed, or all at once. In addition, the software components can easily be compiled on a wide variety of platforms using standard open-source utilities (Automake, Autoconf). With these utilities, a new user will be able to configure and compile the entire Open CASCADE package in two steps, thereby opening the door to a greater number of potential contributors.

Outstanding features for data exchange, visualization, modeling and development

One of the most attractive features of Version 4.0 is the availability in Open Source of the Extended Data Exchange (XDE), Shape Healing and improved Sewing modules, which will allow saving time and obtaining high-quality results when importing geometrical data and solid model attributes. XDE broadens the definition of data supported by the IGES and STEP exchange standards. Shape Healing and Sewing enhance user productivity through the automatic correction and completion of imperfect or unsuitable data. These modules are extremely useful for developing data exchange applications for projects such as validating the exchange properties for CAD assembly parts or importing model data from different systems into a chain that integrates CAD models with simulation software.

For visualization tasks, new AIS 2D services allow the display and selection of two-dimensional graphic objects, while texture mapping can be added to views and shapes created with the Open CASCADE platform.

Improvements in modeling algorithms include the resolution of 40 cases of topological singularities (defects in geometrical continuity) thanks to a new method for calculating shapes that ensures faster and easier treatment of each case.

The WOK development environment, which enables groups of developers to work simultaneously on different products and optimizes utilization of the Open CASCADE components, is now independent of the Open CASCADE Component Definition Language. This means that WOK tools can be used to create all types of applications, even those that do not base development on Open CASCADE.

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