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Korean Register of Shipping
Integrating Open CASCADE simulation technology opens a new level of reliability in the field of ship design and classification.

  • Create an application which could be used easily and conveniently to verify the compliance of ship design to KRís "Rules for Classification of Steel Ships" and "Guidelines Relating to Rules for Classification of Steel Ships".

  • Solution
  • Development of SeaTrust-Holdan, specialized software to run various calculations and checks on ships represented with finite element models. The software has been developed with the help of Open CASCADE Technology and its Mesh Framework (OMF)*.

  • Subscription to support services to reduce development cycle and to ensure a most efficient implementation.

  • SeaTrust-Holdan consists of an automatic modeler, finite element solver, and post-processor. It can be interfaced with MSC/NASTRAN software.

  • Results
  • Substantial costs saving thanks to the open source approach of Open CASCADE Technology.

  • Fast integration of KRís know-how thanks to reliable support services provided by OPEN CASCADE Company.

  • Customization of the original OMF to KRís particular needs due to its source code availability.

  • Reduction of user efforts and working time and standardization for hold analysis thanks to a powerful and user-friendly application interface.

  • Automatic and manual mesh generation.

  • Creation of standard boundary conditions and loads based on KR guidelines.

    Download a more detailed version of this success story:
    Korean Register of Shipping Success Story (271.9K)

  • (*) This application was significantly extended and enhanced with Open CASCADE Mesh Framework (OMF) - an advanced software component available from OPEN CASCADE.

    "The choice of Open CASCADE Technology helped us to substantially reduce our efforts in creation of a complex software product for ship classification. Using OPEN CASCADE support and know-how and with help of their Mesh Framework we managed to dramatically speed up the development process "

    Ho-Chul Son,
    Senior Surveyor,
    Korean Register of Shipping




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