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DBM Reflex
DBM Reflex develops SIMOPTIC software to speed up the design of all kind of optical systems like automotive lamps, light guides, fresnel lenses, reflex lenses, high efficiency lenses for LEDs.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Thanks to Open CASCADE Technology, itís easy to add new optical system tools to SIMOPTIC re-using existing OCC software components without reinventing the wheel.
  • SIMOPTIC greatly benefits from having access to high quality OPEN CASCADE components like SSP and Express Mesh.
  • Each improvement made in OCCT is also an improvement made in SIMOPTIC without any efforts from Customer.

Advanced OPEN CASCADE components *
SSP (Surfaces From Scattered Points) component was later added to the application to recreate bad behaving surfaces coming from other software via STEP, IGES and CATIA V5. The SSP component is also used to create complex surfaces and optics by constraining the normals of those surfaces.

Finally, the Express Mesh component was added to have a better and faster standard mesher for monte-carlo based simulation. It is also used for finite element analysis when the result is good enough.

Download a detailed and illustrated PDF version of this Success Story:
DBM Reflex Success Story (655.9K)

(*) The standard functionality of SIMOPTIC software was enhanced with SSP and Express Mesh - advanced software components available from OPEN CASCADE.

"We have been using Open†CASCADE Technology since 1996. We choose OCCT because it was multi-platform, has a lot of features we needed (modeling, visualization, import, etc.) that we didn't want to recreate so we could focus on more specialized stuff, and at the time it was the best choice, it still is.
We also like the fact that we have the source code because it makes it easier to integrate with other library/apps, like Catia, since we could recompile it with specific compiler option when needed."

Francois Lauzon,
Software Development Coordinator

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