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PythonOCC is hard for a beginer

c.h.Liu's picture

Hi, gentleman:
I think pythonOCC is not as friendly as what i think.
The pre-condition is that you have to know python and wxPython first,
at least, not for me: a total new hand.

I am a c/c++ programer, but just started trying to learn python and pythonOCC for the first time.
I did the followings: ( I am using windows XP)

1. download and store python 2.6
2. download wxPython (for python 2.6) , and store it
after the installation, the path is:
c:\python26\lib\site-pakages\wx-2.8-msw-ansi (ansi version)

3. download pythonocc (for python 2.6)
after the installation, the path is:

4. follow the tutorial instructions (it's on the web):
firstly, modified the SimpleGui.py file:
change set_backend('x') to set_backend('wx')
( shown on the below lines...)

if __name__ == '__main__':
6. on the command line screen, key in the lines like below, and failed on the second line.

>>>from OCC.Display.SimpleGui import * (ok)
>>>display,start_display,add_menu,add_function_to_menu = init_display() (fail!!!)

(the specified module not found! please ref. to the attached bmp file)

How? And what should I do ?

jelle's picture

Hi Liu,

It would be best to continue this discussion at the pythonocc forum:

Is it possible that you haven't got OCC6.3 installed on your machine?
PythonOCC relies on the OCC6.3 binaries.
In your python site-package/OCC directory, you should have a _TopoDS.dll, right?
Perhaps it fails to load because the OCC libs are not installed?


c.h.Liu's picture

Many thanks to you. It works!
1. The www.pythonocc.org is not for beginner!
It should have told:
store a. OOC6.X b. python2.x c. wxPhyton d. pythonOCC
Being a new commer, I made a really big long way only to make
the very first tutorial go!
2. It should have a "Forum" like this one. I did followed the
the instructions to take part in the mailing_list, but it looks
i missed somewhere. This mailing_list system is too complicated
(at least, not for a non-English speking people like me)
thank you again for your help.